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7 Day Costa Rica Itinerary Review?

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First off we are two college-aged girls on a low/moderate budget going to Costa Rica in June.

Our plan so far is:

Day 1:

– Arrive in San Jose in the late afternoon

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– Stay in a hostel in San Jose (this is because we're renting a car and everyone seems to agree that we shouldn't drive at night)

Day 2:

– Pick up rental car

– Drive to Arenal

– Explore?

Day 3:

– Arenal: National park, La Fortunavolcano/hiking/waterfalls/hot springs

Day 4:

– Drive from Arenal to Quepos

– Explore?

Day 5:

Manuel Antonio National Park

– Drive from Quepos to Dominical in the late afternoon (It's only like a 1 hour drive)

Day 6:

– Dominical: Nauyaca Waterfalls, more exploring

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

– Drive to Uvita (only 15 minute drive)

Day 7:

– Uvita – Marino Ballena National Park

– Drive from Uvita to San Jose

Day 8:

– Drop off rental car, leave 🙂

Does this look okay to everyone? Does anyone have any recommendations for specific things to do (this is a very rough sketch we put together lol)? Do we even need a rental car or can we take the bus? Do we need a 4×4?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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