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An alternative or supplement to International Living’s June 2019 Costa Rica Conference

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Last week I received an ad announcing International Living’s annual Costa Rica conference. It does not surprise me that they are promoting Costa Rica, given all that the country as to offer as a retirement destination. I know someone who always speaks at International Living’s events. She related to me that the majority of the conference’s attendees are interested in Costa Rica rather than other places for retirement and relocation.

I tell everyone who enquires about Costa Rica to educate themselves about the country. This is no easy task since there is so much information available in guidebooks and on-line. More often than not people become confused because of the informational overload. It is also extremely difficult to tell who’s who since anyone can publish anything on the Web. So, it is of paramount importance that potential expats obtain the most reliable and truthful information from the best available sources when doing their due diligence. So, what can they do to “separate the wheat from the chaff,” or as we say in Spanish “separar el grano de la paja?”

Basically by looking at the information provided by time-tested organizations. My tours and the two-day seminar are the perfect introduction to Costa Rica for anyone who wants to relocate. The seminar is sponsored by the Association of Residents of Costa Rica. According to my research no other country has a similar organization that is solely dedicated to helping future expats with all aspects of relocation (legal residency, all types of insurance, medical care, banking, obtaining a drivers license, moving household goods, bringing pets, finding a place to live, advice in everyday matters and so much more.)

Combine the unbiased information from the seminar with my relocation tours and you have the best vehicle available for making the move. Thousands have taken tour and used the invaluable advice they have received to relocate successfully and seamlessly. Don’t get me wrong! Costa Rica is not for everyone. But the tours and seminar are the best way to find out if Costa Rica is the place to live your retirement dream. Costa Rica has more residents from the U.S. proportionately than any other country in the world. They can’t be wrong!

On the tour itself all of the best areas for living are visited. In addition, my guests view the infrastructure, best places to shop, learn about the 1000s of activities to stay busy and happy, visit an outdoor farmers market, receive a sample language lesson, hear from others who have relocated, see a cross section of homes and living situations, savor the local cuisine, visit a medical facility and be introduced to a network of valuable and reliable contacts through the country.

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