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Costa Rica is one of the best sport fishing destinations in Central America

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Costa Rica is one of the best sport fishing destinations in Central America and is consistently visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world that come to our country to enjoy this world-class sport. The sport fishing industry is very well established throughout the entire country in both fresh and saltwaters. With seasoned and reliable tour guides on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, fishing enthusiasts enjoy amazing fishing adventures near the coasts, and also further out inland. These highly specialized guides offer various packages or full-days in registered and legal boats. They have professional equipment and knowledgeable captains and sailors who will take you to the best spots depending on the season of the year, so that your fishing day will be a success.

Costa Rica is a country with a genuine spirit of conservation and sustainable use of species. There are cases such as billfish, and different species of marlins and sailfish, that have a catch and release fishing law. Captains are trained so that tourists may take a picture while the fish is still in the water, making their release easy without causing the fish any damage.

A study done in 2018 based on the analysis of the impact of Sport Fishing activities in Costa Rica on industrial and local levels, determined that sport fishing activities generate around 500 million dollars a year to the country, representing almost 13{c9355c63429b0b68b054b0898681605a3b8757d8457a1c4c3ed1ee7dcd3be931} of the total tourism revenue. It also implies that sport fishing activities have grown, even to the point of exceeding other eco-activities in the tourism sector. By FECOP organisation, “The sport fishing segment of Costa Rica’s tourism is a considerable part of the industry accounting for an estimate of 5.6{c9355c63429b0b68b054b0898681605a3b8757d8457a1c4c3ed1ee7dcd3be931} of the total tourism or between 150,000 and 200,000 tourists that come to the country to fish every year. These tourists also invest in the different communities where Costa Rica sport fishing is active, benefiting the local area families and communities.”  

In our gorgeous community of Playa Tamarindo, full and half-day fishing charters are available year round. Fishing in our area is great all year, but fishing conditions still vary from month to month. Peak season for Billfish is from mid April to August. Marlin and Sailfish are the highlights of the full-day 9 hour fishing trip. The half-day 5 hour trip is more inshore fishing for fish like the very popular Snapper, Amberjack, and the very famous amongst fishing lovers RoosterfishThe Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is truly famous for record-breaking off shore Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tuna fishing. In shore, the species that are more frequently reeled in are Snook, the aforementioned Roosterfish, and Snapper. Each fishing destination has a peak season, but hidden or “secret” freshwater fishing holes and deep-sea fishing are rewarding adventures that can be had year-round. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s go fishing! Contact us for more information.

Derrick Rowland, REMAX administrative Assistant

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