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Like expat retirees the Simpsons discover Costa Rica

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Like expat retirees the Simpsons discover Costa Rica
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In episode 7 of season 32 of the Simpsons the family embarks on an adventure to Costa Rica. They learn first hand the meaning of national moto , pura vida which means pure life — kind of a state of mind and living.

Without a doubt this episode is excellent promo for Costa Rica as a tourist destination.

Here are some of the episodes highlights of the episode:

  • Marge drives through Springfield yelling “Costa Rica!” at the top of her lungs after the family is invited on the trip by the Van Hountens.
  • Marge describes their destination as “a luxury villa right on the beach near pristine rainforest home to 5{c9355c63429b0b68b054b0898681605a3b8757d8457a1c4c3ed1ee7dcd3be931} of the species on earth! … In a land where it’s normal for kids to carry machetes!”
  • A sunburned Homer accidentally lets several monkeys tear apart the aforementioned luxury villa. (The monkeys are so comfortable with humans that they must be in Manuel Antonio!)
  • The stone spheres “made by the extinct Diquis people of Costa Rica” make an important appearance.
  • Marge has a fascination for getting the perfect vacation selfie in front of a waterfall. “All I wanted it for my friends to be jealous of me!” Marge says.

Check out the video in Spanish

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