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Poor USA! ¡Viva Costa Rica!

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Poor USA! ¡Viva Costa Rica!
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It seems that the more I watch news from the U.S., the worse the situation seems to be getting there.

My home state of California is plagued by forest fires once again. Apparently, this is the new normal. Seasonal fires have destroyed hundreds of people’s lives and homes. Add the high Corona virus numbers to this mess and what you have is a state-wide meltdown.

I lived in California over 40 years ago when it was paradise and have many fond memories of those days. Now I wouldn’t live there for anything in this world. The high cost of housing, horrendous traffic in the major cities and natural disasters like fires and mudslides have combined to dramatically affect the quality of life in the once “Golden State.”

On another front, the good old USA is both politically and racially divided with a bitter and hard-fought presidential campaign taking place. Whoever wins the election will most likely have to endure  political unrest from the losing side.

As if things were not bad enough, the pandemic  has damaged the economy and led to record unemployment.

On top of all of this the US is governed by an inept narcissistic megalomaniac who shows no remorse for his wanton actions.

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When I look at the above I consider myself to be blessed living in Costa Rica. Yes, this small Central American nation does have its share of problems, but they are miniscule compared to what the United States is experiencing.

We have been adversely affected by the Corona Virus, the resultant economic downturn and unemployment like many countries around the world. But the Costa Rican people are resilient and will weather the storm.

Pura Vida!

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