Purchasing real estate in a foreign country

Purchasing real estate in a foreign country can be an intimidating prospect. Things work a bit differently. But rest assured that in Costa Rica you can buy fee-simple, titled property. And there are virtually no restrictions on foreigners, even non-residents, buying property, except for a few important exceptions.

Why investing in real estate in Costa Rica is an excellent option?

Today more and more smart investors are realizing that the best options and opportunities to buy and sell real estate are outside the US, for example today Latin America is one of the favorite areas of foreigners, Where continued growth attracts more and more investors.

However, investors at the time of beginning the process of choosing the country in which they are going to entrust their savings in the purchase of property always have some main points in which they should investigate that nation, mainly are its economy, the levels of security , Employment opportunities, a favorable climate, protection of their assets, cost of living and investment opportunities, as it turns out that Costa Rica has been characterized by offering both locals as tourists or foreigners all these characteristics in a very positive way.

Why invest in a country like Costa Rica?

There are many valuable reasons why investors from all over the world have turned their eyes towards Latin America, especially Costa Rica, and that there is low risk, there is an important economic stability, high productivity and a long tradition of Quality, which are three characteristics that those who invest in real estate take as the main reasons to consider Costa Rica as the best place in Latin America to invest in business or real estate, either as a second home or as an investment.

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Costa Rica also has a developed and dynamic economy. Since 1994, Gross Domestic Product has grown steadily, demonstrating to the world that its economy is really growing. Even in the last three years, it has grown by 6% annually before the Pandemic times. Likewise, the percentage related to exports has also presented a significant increase in recent years.

Free trade and globalization are also relevant topics that include the economic policies of Costa Rica during the end of the last century and the present. Today, important efforts are being made for financial liberalization, deregulation of telecommunications, deregulation of banking activity, and strict control of central government expenditure. Costa Rica also has free access to several markets, for example Chile, Mexico, United States, Dominican Republic and also Central America.

Similarly, there is tax-free access to European Union markets, thanks to the Generalized System of Preferences (GPS). All these characteristics mentioned above, together with the possibilities of direct access to modern and important ports in both the Atlantic and Pacific, excellent air conditions to be able to communicate with international markets and direct access to modern networks Of communication, allow investors to be always in touch with the world economy, and which also makes a difference with respect to other countries in Latin America as in any other geopolitical zone.

Costa Rica has a strategic geographical location

One of the main positive features that Costa Rica has is its impressive beauty, and nowadays it can be said that it has an already fully consolidated system of protected areas, to which it can be added that it also has social and political stability , A high level of education and a high quality of services of high level, which is also a very important point for investors, especially for foreigners.

All that we have been talking about is offered in a territory of only 51 thousand square kilometers, which is in turn surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and separated by barely three hours by car or only 45 minutes by plane.

The strategic position of Costa Rica as a result of being located in the heart of the Western Hemisphere, the positive attitude of Costa Ricans and foreigners residing there with respect to commercial transactions, modern infrastructure, quality and cost of their resource And easy access to international markets make Costa Rica the ideal place to carry out or invest in real estate, and even establish commercial operations with an excellent quality of life.

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