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Retirees, who are vegetarians or vegans, can now savor delicious veggie burgers in Costa Rica

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Retirees, who are vegetarians or vegans, can now savor delicious veggie burgers in Costa Rica
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Veggie burgers seem to be a new trend among major fast food restaurants. Burger King now offers a veggie burger that is low in calories and packed with real vegetables. And apart from being a healthier alternative to a regular beef burger, it’s also incredibly tasty. Presently, it is only offered at a limited number of locations in the U.S.

A few months ago, McDonald’s, introduced the McVegan—and fans devoured it. Unfortunately for U.S.-based herbivores, it was only available at one restaurant in Tampere, Finland. But now, there’s some good news: The McVegan is also being served at a few locations in the U.S. on an experimental basis. If it catches on, it will be offered world-wide.

Well those of us who don’t eat meat can now sabor veggie burgers in Costa Rica. Porky’s restaurant just introduced a thick vegetarian hamburger with a non-meat patty made by the company Beyond Meat. The patty is a hefty 23 grams of vegetable protein and contains green peas, water, sunflower oil and other healthy ingredients. It is also gluten free, has zero colesterol and half of the saturated fat of a traditional beef patty.

Meet eaters will be happy to know that Porky’s Bar-B-Q also offers a variety hamburgers, fish tacos, barbecued meats, beer as well as other dishes. Meat lovers claim that some of the best hamburgers in Costa Rica are served there. Since Porky’s also doubles as a sports bar you can watch NFL, NBA and soccer games. I have attended three of their annual Super Blown parties and really had a great time. One year I even won an official NFL football at the half-time drawing.

Porky’s is located in the Pozos district Santa Ana , 350 meters north of the Pozos Catholic church, Santa Ana . Tel. 2282 5057. You can also check them out on Facebook.

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