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Saturday's Farmers Market

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One of the biggest events of the weekend is the Uvita Farmers Market of Feria.  You can find a large assortment of organic produce and handicrafts.  On certain weekends, there is live music.  People come from all over the Costa Ballena to buy fresh and organic fruits, vegetable, spices, vitamins, dairy products and smoked meats.  Many of the local farmers are well versed on homeopathic treatments with their products.  Some of the spices and flavorings are imported, but the majority of what is offered is locally grown. Various chefs and bakers have booths offering their delicious treats.

Some of the products available are pure cacao powder, raw coconut oil, orchard pepper, cumin in seeds and ground, bee pollen, local cacao and vanilla beans, pau d’arco, integral and white rice, dired bananas and pineapples, flor de Jamaica, effective microorganisms, natural Xocolata chocolate, mangos, papayas, sugar cane and all of the other types of fruits and vegetables.

After the purchases are finished many people head to the local weekly softball game at Bahia Ballena then on to the beach at Marina Ballena National Park.  Others head to one of the popular waterfalls in the Costenera area, and some just go home to enjoy the great food that they have purchased.

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