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The Tuesday Organic Market

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newlyn-organicfoods It’s now been a few years since a group of local artisans, food producers and farmers decided on a time and location from which to trade their wares. Since then, the Tuesday morning Playa Guiones farmers market has become synonymous with fresh, superior quality, organic food products. These include vegetables, fruit, honey, smoothies, herbal tonics, free range meats, bread, tamales, and more. And, it’s not just food that’s on offer. You can find jewelry, arts and crafts, unique tapestries, and even holistic treatments. Essentially, the tuesday farmers market has evolved from a place to grab fruit and veg, to a weekly community gathering;- a food centered social event where you can kick back, hang out with friends, and get familiar with some of the more weird and wonderful culinary offerings produced by Nosara locals. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why the Tuesday morning farmers market is a great place to visit. Here is just a few of them,

Eat Seasonally
The health benefits of eating seasonally have been known since forever. Often, the sheer variety of produce to be found on supermarket shelves means that the fruit or vegetable is picked before it is fully ripened, decreasing the amount of nutrients. Additionally, the human body does not need to be ingesting imported summer fruits, like pineapple and mango, in the height of a Massachussets winter.

Supporting Your Local Economy & Farmers
By shopping locally, for local produce, your money is not going into the hands of a behemoth, GMO fuelled agribusiness whose only motivation is to maximise their bottom line. Instead, it goes directly back into the hands of the farmers and artisans whose time, dedication, and sweat brought the product to market. In all likelihood, the food is grown within a few miles of the Nosara region, requiring no gas to ship it halfway around the planet, and containing a whole bunch of nutrients specifically evolved for both the climate and region.

Fresher Fruits & Veggies
Given that the produce was likely picked within days, or even hours of arriving at the market, then the freshness is guaranteed to be unmatched. This is virtually impossible in any big supermarket.

Great Variety
Any local farmers market is usually likely to have a wide variety of produce. In Costa Rica however, where the ground is some of the most fertile on earth, the selection is unparallelled. Additionally, each farmer often has their own particular method for growing, which can affect taste and size.

Better Taste
That locally-grown foods just taste better is beyond question. The only downside to this may be that you’re never able to eat a banana from the grocery store again.

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Safer Foods
Food from your local farmers market is generally safer. Remember the recent outbreaks of E. coli in bagged spinach? Such incidents can only occur in large industrial settings, where food is mass produced in the quickest, cheapest way possible. The majority of the produce in farmers markets is organic. There is also food, that although not technically “organic,” remains pesticide and herbicide free. One of the biggest advantages of being at a farmers market is that you can’t take time to talk the farmer, learn about their methods, and weigh the decision for yourself.

Farmers Markets Are Fun
We’ll end by reemphasizing what was stated at the beginning. While farmers market are indeed an excellent way of acquiring the freshest, most nutritious food for yourself and the family, at the end of the day, they are just plain fun. They are a great platform to get up close and personal with the community, feel connected to the world around you, and increase one’s physical and mental health.


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