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Weather advice for expat retires or those thinking of moving here

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Weather advice for expat retires or those thinking of moving here
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Costa Rica is known for having one of the best climates in the world. Specifically, year-round spring-like weather in the Central Valley. However, during the green or rainy season there are some precautions that everyone including expat retirees should follow to deal with the wet weather.

It is imperative to follow these suggestions if you want to remain safe during bad weather. I have translated many of the storm-related words into Spanish in case readers have to listen to a weather forecast (pronóstico or boletín meteorológico) in said language.

  1. Always check with the national weather service before you travel by car.
  2. It is important to have your cell phone with you and fully charged.
  3. When choosing a place to live make sure that it is not subject to flooding. For instance, near close to rivers or places with a propensity for landslides (derrumbes in Spanish) or washouts (deslaves in Spanish)
  4. Make sure all windows and doors are closed during an electrical storm (tormenta eléctrica).
  5. Always watch out for debris (escombros)like falling trees, branches and power lines when the winds are strong (vientos fuertes) .
  6. When there is an electrical storm with thunder (trueno) and lightening (rayería), take shelter (refugio)
  7. Take shelter if there is an electrical storm and stay out of the ocean, lakes, rivers and swimming pools. Remember water is an excellent conductor of electricity.
  8. Stay away from sewers (alcantarillas) because they may overflow.
  9. Disconnect all of your electric applicants and equipment.

Avoid driving during heavy rains because of poor visibility. Rains here can be so heavy at times that they produce dangerous white out conditions.

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