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What is the best way to do one’s due diligence for retiring or living in Costa Rica?

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What is the best way to do one’s due diligence for retiring or living in Costa Rica?
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This is the first in a series of articles for the Tico Times about moving to and living in Costa Rica with the goal of helping potential expats. Although this series of articles may seem self-serving at times, their purpose is to help people relocate as seamlessly as possible, give objective information based on 40 years of living in the country and to provide the best posible network of contacts and resources.

Relocating to any country is a daunting task.  Initially, most people go to the Internet where there are literally thousands of articles about living abroad. Just type “Living in, retiring in or relocating to Costa Rica”,   and literally thousands of sites show up. The majority have to do with real estate and often have misleading information so as to manipulate people into buying buying property or other products.  While other sites like forums and newsgroups are filled with those who live here expressing their opinions on a wide range of subjects. Some of the information is useful for the neophyte but unfortunately much of it is written by those who have not lived in the country for a long time,  do not speak the language or understand the nuances of the culture. Moreover,  people often become more confused after reading the abundance of information and different opinions than when they began their research. It is always difficult to separate the wheat from the  chaff or as we say in Spanish, “ Separar el grano de la paja.”

Some who come to explore the country try to do it on their own but do so in a haphazardly fashion. They often come here and contact others who have made the move to get advice. Some brave souls rent a car with a GPS and try to explore different areas of the country. This can be a monumental task, especially if you do not know the language and want to face the challenge of driving on the country’s infamously perilous roads and highways. This type of “knock-about tour” usually proves to be extremely stressful and can cloud one’s perception of the country.

So how do you garner the best possible  information in order to make the move correctly? Take a retirement tour. If I knew of a better way to perform one’s due diligence, I would list it here.

If you are seriously contemplating Costa Rica, the only way to accurately gather information, is to come experience the country in person. Come see for yourself why people are talking about this beautiful place. It’s all about doing it the right  way and taking a guided retirement tour which is probably the best investment you can make. You could not possibly do this type of a tour yourself and gain the same knowledge about living or retiring in Costa Rica. 

Take a tour with a guide who accompanies you every step of the way and answers absolutely all of your questions. This type of tour is like  a continuous seminar. Speaking of seminars, a two- day seminar sponsored by the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR)  is included. Participants will hear from the most renowned experts in the fields of residency, healthcare, types of insurance, communications, renting and purchasing property, moving your belongings, U.S. Embassy assistance, banking, shortcuts for learning the language, staying busy,  making friends,  and you will meet expats who have moved here successfully and so much more. Indeed the right connections are everything. Other seminars cannot possibly hold a candle to this one.

12-Minute Affiliate

Over the last three decades, 1000s of people have relocated successfully to Costa Rica and lived their dream by taking a relocation tour. 

There are couple of other expats who offer these types of tours. They seem to do a decent job by providing relevant information. I mentioned their services since taking any type of relocation tour is far better than not taking one at all.

Here is what you should get from a retirement tour:

  • Personalized hands-on attention and in-depth information in order to meet your specific needs and goals
  • Insight from living in Costa Rica for decades, someone who really speaks Costa Rican Spanish,  understands all of the nuances of the country, and the tico (nickname for a Costa Rican) culture and mindset.
  • The best locations suited for your lifestyle
  •  A sampling of Costa Rican homes and living situations
  • A highly-Informative two-day seminar with experts in the fields mentioned above
  • The opportunity to meet people who have actually made the move, hear about their experiences and make valuable contacts.
  • Find out how Costa Rica can possibly boast one’s longevity rate with its affordable medical system.
  • For the investor, realistic information about opportunities here and detailed appraisal of the areas of greatest growth in the path of progress.
  • How to really learn survival Spanish at any age and not waste time on useless methods
  • Learn about the exciting lifestyle options you can have by living or retiring here.
  • NO hidden agendas
  • Above all find out if the country is the right place for you. By the time the tour ends, you should know. 

Although not everybody who takes a Live in Costa Rica tour ends up moving to Costa Rica, all of the participants are satisfied with the quality of the tour and information they receive.
Here are some testimonials:


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