The Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR), is a non-profit association, born 38 years ago with the purpose of ensuring clear rules for real estate transactions in Costa Rica. The CCCBR is the first and largest association of real estate in the country, thanks to the recognition of its work in favor of the real estate market of Costa Rica, it is known as the Official Chamber.
There have been big changes brewing the real estate industry, such as the Real Estate Brokerage Act, Real Estate Auction, the property price index
(IPP), partnerships with banks and other institutions that have to do with the real estate industry.

The CCBR has positioned the country as an active member of the International Federation of Real Estate (FIABCI) and of the Federation of Chambers of Real Estate in Central America, Panama and the Caribbean (FECEPAC) and of the National Association of Realtors NAR. (U.S.) It also brings together the best real estate professionals in different specialties: consulting, valuations, sale, purchase and rental of houses, villas, lots, condominiums, apartments, developments, industrial, trade, and tourism estates. These professionals are distinguished by their training, guaranteeing clients a greater degree of safety and the best professional services, since membership is only achieved after meeting many requirements of respectability, training and etc.

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Everybody is so accepting. It’s so social. We’ve made more friends here in 16 months—Costa Rican and expat—than we did in 10 years in Alberta.”

Rick and Peggy were looking for an escape from cold weather…and Costa Rica fit the bill.

But it wasn’t just the tropical climate that convinced them to move—this nation ticked a lot of other boxes too. It’s safe, affordable, First World comforts are available—as are nice homes at good prices—and they could have an active social life.

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Perhaps most importantly, though—thanks to its 30+ years as a popular retirement destination—Costa Rica is already “set up” for expats. Rick and Peggy say they enjoyed a quick-and-easy adjustment period. And that meant they were enjoying retirement very soon after they made their move.

Today they are living better than they ever did in Canada. And after renting for two years, they recently bought a home with incredible views just outside the village of Atenas in the Central Valley region for well under $200,000. And this wasn’t an uncommon “special deal.” This is typical of the good value real estate you’ll find in this region, as well as other parts of Costa Rica.

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