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Where to retire after the current Crisis?

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Where to retire after the current Crisis?
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It comes as no surprise that numerous travel Publications such as Condé Nast have singled out Costa as one of the places to vacation once the virus subsides. Costa Rica is expecting an onslaught of potential retirees and tourists because of its effective response to the coronavirus pandemic. Both the number of cases and deaths is among the lowest in the world.

On the other hand, so-called retirement havens such as Panama, Nicaragua and Ecuador have become less attractive retirement destinations as a result of their response to the virus. The last two have been decimated due to the actions of their respective governments and overburdened and inefficient heath care systems.

Currently, Costa Rica’s borders are closed to tourists as a preventative measure. I do no see this lasting forever nor do I know for sure when the country will open, but when it does I will offer my Relocation Tours again. I am taking reservations for when it is safe to resume normal travel related activities.

I look forward to meeting and helping as many people as possible relocate to Costa Rica in the not-too-distant future.

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