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Why Not Move to Costa Rica?

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Why Not Move to Costa Rica?
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The world as we know it is changing and changing fast, especially for those of us over the age of 50. Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the increasing cost of living in the USA and the uncertainty circling around Health Care, Social Security and overall stability.

Sometimes it seems as these things are changing every day, and with the unpredictability of the new administration, the sky is the limit on crazy.
On the bright side, there is adventure lurking inside of all of us, a willingness to just get up and leave the USA.

Not forever, or permanently, but maybe.

The idea of changing our landscape and inserting ourselves into another culture is exciting and scary. Waking up to the new sounds of a Costa Rican surrounding will get you out of bed early. Beginning the day with a blank slate of re-creating your new life.

Step one, learn Spanish fast. Then learn more Spanish. But no worries, if you don’t speak Spanish then you don’t eat.

Food is overrated anyway.

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Living the retired life in Costa Rica.

Throughout the past 20 years of living in Costa Rica, I have seen many new arrivals and fast.

I have also seen many people, friends, return back to the USA after attempting to retire here.

Why are so many people coming and why are so many leaving?
I will try and explain in this article.

In many ways, life in Costa Rica as an expat is not easy. There is the obvious language barrier, the level of health care and the security concerns. Not speaking the language is usually at the root of all problems for the new arrivals. This is certainly not easy, but most definitely is not hard either. Learning Spanish is a must for retiring in Costa Rica. There are plenty of books, classes on line and one on one instructors for Spanish. Learning the language requires patience and discipline. You will surprise yourself how quickly you learn when you want to communicate to the amazing people you will encounter on your journey here.

Next it the concerns around Health care. There is a very affordable health care system here in Costa Rica, a socialized care that costs foreigners around $70 a month. I know a lot of folks who are on this plan and very satisfied with it. As a backup, Costa Rica actually has two of the best Hospitals in Latin America, located in the capital, San Jose.

Finally, security. This is the least favorite subject to discuss. Costa Rica is very high in small crimes and petty theft, and very low in violent crimes. Most of the homes and businesses have the metal bars on the windows which is not very attractive. However, you get used to it. Like most major cities in the USA, there are visual protective measures.

In conclusion, I would recommend a lengthy visit to Costa Rica before committing to the move. A nice 2-week trip should be enough to drive around and get the feel for the place. Do your homework on the Country. Ask the experts about your plans and then pack your bags


James Lee
The author, James Lee has lived in San Ramon Costa Rica for 18 years.? He is a Chiropractor and Container Home Builder. He has built over 40 projects in the past 11 years. Located in La Union San Ramon de Alajuela.

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